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Ceramic Knives 5pc Set

cutting with precision that will last a lifetime

• Harder and more durable than steel knives.
• No sharpening needed ever, the sharpness of your knives will last a lifetime!
• Impossible to get stained from food contact.
• No metallic taste or smell possible, keep the original smell and taste of your food
• Coating prevents microbes from adhering
• 100% corrosion resistant.
• Very lightweight and easy to use.

Ceramic knives are made of a high-tech ceramic material called Zirconia (ZrO2), which is the second material in the world from diamond in terms of hardness. The Zirconia material is a new found material relatively recently found by a Russian scientist in 1975. The Zirconia material is now used in many special products like dental implants, bullet proof vests  and high-tech components used for the professional industry. Because our ceramic knives are harder than steel and sharper than any cutting tool available, chefs  all over the world have an amazing cutting tool available for their kitchen. Make cutting trough vegetables, meats and fish a treat, the perfectly sliced and chopped results will help you cook the perfect dinner or snack.

3pc Set:
1 x 7,5cm paring knife
1 x 13cm  utility knife
1 x 15cm chef's knife
1 x 13cm  pealer
1 x ceramic sciccors

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Additional Information

Collection Ceramic knives
Item number 1012x65130
Material white ceramic
Color No
packing gift box

Ceramic Knives 5pc Set

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