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Anchor Hocking - Green efforts

Anchor Hocking has been in the business of manufacturing glassware products for more than 100 years.

As befits a company with our heritage, we have continued to produce quality glassware throughout the decades. We manufacture a majority of our products in Lancaster, Ohio, located 33 miles southeast of Columbus. In fact, our current factory sits on the site of our original one. We are as emphatic about the quality of our products today - proud of the design and of the value they represent for consumers, foodservice and the commercial sector, and the fact that you will find them in the kitchens, bathrooms and living rooms of most every American home.

But there is one way in which we have changed in recent years, and that is the corporate-wide commitment we have made to become a more environmentally friendly company.

It is an initiative we view as being vital to our future, and we're taking many positive steps to make it happen.

- Anchor's Glass is 100% recyclable once a product has met its life's end. This helps reduce trash in landfills, cuts down on pollution and saves raw materials.

- Anchor reclaims all of our waste glass known as cullet. We then reuse the cullet in our furnaces to help create new glass. That means using fewer raw materials, saving energy, cutting down landfill waste and less pollution.

- Anchor has instituted a Corporate Responsibility for Sustainability program that identifies opportunities for waste reduction including raw materials, energy, and pollutants on an ongoing basis.

- We design our packaging to reduce environmental footprints. Anchor utilizes recycled and recyclable materials as often as possible along with reducing the overall packaging material requirements and size. This reduces the need for new raw materials and allows us to ship more products using less transportation and fuel.

- Anchor's glassware does not contain lead or any other materials that are harmful to your health. In addition, plastic lids used on Anchor food products are BPA free.

- With all the efforts Anchor Hocking makes, we also need the help of our consumers. Our products and packing may be recyclable, but without the help of you choosing the recycling bin or compost pile our efforts are lost. Please be thoughtful when choosing the final resting place of an Anchor product and look for the sustainable choice.

- Environmental integrity matters to you and here at Anchor Hocking we are proud to say it means just as much to us.