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Batter Bowl 2,0 L

Measure, mix, stir, blend, store, empty, repeat

• Oversized handel for steady grip
• Deep enough to keep your contents in while mixing 
• Lid to store your ingerdients is BPA free.
• Tempered glass bowl for extra durability

Bakers of the world, this item was designed with you in mind! The batter bowl allows you to do it all. Whip up your treat in this tempered glass bowl. Deep enough to keep your contents inside and a handle to maintain a good grip on the bowl. Cookies that require chill time can be whipped up in the batter bowl and placed in the refrigerator with the lid for easy storage. Great for preparing and storing a large batch of salsa for parties as well!



Additional Information

Collection Batter bowls
Item number 91679R
Dimensions 26cm x 20cm x 16cm (outer)
Material crystal clear glass
Color crystal & white
Oven safe Yes
Microwave safe Yes
Freezer safe Yes
Dishwasher safe Yes
Warranty 5 year

Batter Bowl 2,0 L

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